Determining an offer price and negotiating for your home

Your real estate agent will help you put together a formal offer, and the work you’ve done to get prequalified will help guide your decisions.

4 reasons to consider refinancing your mortgage

Refinancing can help you reduce the interest you pay or cut the time it will take to pay off your loan — or both. Here’s what to know.

Homebuying industry organizations and their roles

Get to know the key groups that may be part of your homebuying process.

Compare the costs of renting versus buying a home

Should you rent or buy? Review common costs side by side to help you determine what's right for you.

Preparing for life’s “what ifs” as a homeowner

As you consider taking on the responsibility of having a mortgage, know that you have options available if you ever find yourself having trouble making your mortgage payments

What is home equity and how does it work?

Over time, you may find that you are building equity in your home. Here’s what that means — and what you can do with it.

Insurance and your home: What you will need

Insurance is a way to get financial help if your home is seriously damaged or if someone is injured in your home. Here, we explore the three most common types of insurance for homeowners.

Seven steps to help you prepare for closing

On closing day, you’ll receive the keys to your new home. Here are the steps you’ll take to keep everything on track.

Homeownership and taxes: What you need to know

Your new status as a homeowner could impact your taxes in multiple ways.

Different types of mortgage lenders: What you should know

Every homebuyer’s situation is unique, so it makes sense to explore your options when it comes to mortgage lenders.

3 tips for working effectively with your home mortgage consultant

Learn how you can rely on a mortgage consultant throughout the homebuying process.

Countdown to closing: Common problems, solved

Five potential challenges — and solutions — to consider before closing day.

Down payments: What you need to know

How much do you really need to have saved for a down payment when you purchase a home? Let’s explore your options.

4 costs tied to making an offer on a home

Costs you’ll want to factor into your budget include making a deposit, which indicates to the seller that you’re serious about buying a home.

What can you afford as a monthly mortgage payment?

Use this quick method to find the monthly payment that will work with your budget.

Understanding your credit report and credit score

Your credit report and credit score may impact what kinds of loans you're offered, as well as the interest rates and the amount you may be qualified to borrow. Here's what you need to know.

The importance of your credit, debt, and savings in buying a home

These aspects of your finances can impact what you can afford, your loan approval, and the interest rate on your loan. Here’s what to know about your numbers — and how to improve them.

How to get — or stay — financially healthy

Simple tips and resources to help you boost your savings, reduce your debt, and improve your credit.