Key takeaway

Typically, the seller won’t accept your first offer on a home. They expect to negotiate. So as you prepare your offer, keep in mind the mortgage you’re prequalified or preapproved for, then work with your real estate agent to make a competitive first offer that still leaves you room to negotiate with the seller.

You’ve done your prep work by getting your finances in order. You have been through the prequalification or preapproval process, so you know what size mortgage you might qualify for and be able to afford. Once you’ve found a house you love that’s in your price range, it’s time to see if you can come to an agreement with the seller.

As you work with your real estate agent to craft the offer, keep your home mortgage consultant involved to help you understand how your offer will impact your ability to secure a mortgage. Don’t forget that the offer process on a home is often a negotiation. Here are three things to consider while you’re making your offer.

Tips to help you determine your offer

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