Getting your documents in order may be easier than you expect.

From prequalification through to loan approval, knowing what actions you need to take — and what documents you'll need — can make you more confident that you can continue moving forward.

More help for your journey

Three important steps you may complete when buying a home

You will likely need to fill out important paperwork at different points in the homebuying process. Your team — and technology — can often help you complete it.

Determining an offer price and negotiating for your home

Your real estate agent will help you put together a formal offer, and the work you’ve done to get prequalified will help guide your decisions.

People who will be part of your homebuying process once you’ve found a home

As you get deeper into the homebuying process, you’ll have several specialists performing essential tasks to help you move forward.

Five things to look for in your home inspection report — and what they cost to fix

Knowing the health of these five parts of your home is essential as you move forward with your home purchase.

What to do while your loan is being processed

Follow this advice to stay on track while you wait for your mortgage to be approved.

Insurance and your home: What you will need

Insurance is a way to get financial help if your home is seriously damaged or if someone is injured in your home. Here, we explore the three most common types of insurance for homeowners.

What to do if you get turned down for a loan

Don’t let this setback deter you from your goal of owning a home.