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You’ll want to consider how your credit score, debt level, savings, and other factors stack up before you get too far along in the homebuying process. The good news is that there may be ways to improve them so that you’ll feel confident in taking the next step.

A house may be the largest purchase of your lifetime, so it’s no surprise you may feel a range of emotions when beginning the homebuying process. Checking different aspects of your finances, including your credit score and your savings, may help you understand if you’re prepared to buy a home or if you might need to take a few more steps to get ready. The good news is that there are ways  to help improve your finances to make sure you’re on solid ground before you start looking for homes.

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Next steps

No matter what your quiz results told you, the fact that you’re thinking critically about your financial situation is a great first step to becoming a responsible homeowner. A home mortgage consultant can help you understand what aspects of your finances lenders will review, and a prequalification may help you see if you’re on track. Knowing that you have a strong financial base can make you more confident that you’ll be able to manage your money successfully as you purchase a home and move forward in your life.

Here are some next steps you can consider:

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